Everyone figured the apocalypse would happen suddenly, be it from dropping the bombs or a devastating disease. Nobody imagined that the backbone of society would grow so weak that it would succomb to the weight of the snake on its shoulders. Protests turned into riots. Companies grew into dynasties when they saw how little attention they were being paid by law enforcement during the tense protests. Nobody remembers who shot first. They said it was us, of course. We’re pretty sure it was them. But shit, maybe it was one of the Greywater “security” guys that the cops brought in to try to save their grip. One thing’s for certain though: after that first shot, everything went to shit. The sympathetic cops took off their uniforms and joined our side. The rest of them continued protecting and serving the populace how they were told: they shot as many of those unemployed communist hippy atheist anarchist islamic extremists and they could get their bullets to. They hated America, or so the news said. It wasn’t long after that somebody managed to slip videos of the massive police violence into a every major TV station, and citizens of the states decided to shut the place down. Nearly every government official was subject to at least one assassination attempt during the first few weeks after the “Reboot” was announced. People started to quit their jobs en masse, refusing to pay taxes to their government that failed to represent them. In short, the revolution happened, and with no explicit leaders set, the country fell into anarchy. Strong people and strong companies flourished, some to a fault. The weak are the dead. The year is 2098. The revolution is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done here. Immoral businesses, unchecked by law, have expanded to be a cancer on the earth and a double edged sword to their average patrons. Groups of people with no moral compasses of their own band together to raid and pillage the small, tight knit communities that have sprung up in more fertile places. Good thing there’s guys like us, fighting the good fight when nobody really knows what the fuck the good fight is anyway.

Anarchy 101: Rising from the Ashes